Safe Hands Educational Charity is an international non-profit charitable organisation that has been set up to change the lives of children for the long term.

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Hearts and Hands of Compassion

My story about Hearts and Hands of Compassion is real. Hunger can prevent children from learning and developing  to their full God given potential. My heart was moved with compassion when I learnt that a child was so hungry at 10am, that she fainted in the classroom. Here is where my story and programme began. Hearts and Hands of Compassion has a mission to help, love, feed and nurture the full potential in every child’s life. Our commitment is to protect tomorrow’s future by meeting today’s needs. We believe that, with the support of friends and partners, we can do much to improve the wellbeing of every school-age child. 

In order to fulfil this mission, every child in primary education in Guyana, will be provided with daily nutritious and healthy meals.

Mrs Marlyn Jeffrey – Charity Director



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