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‘Safe Hands Educational Project’ is an international, non-profit charitable organisation that has been set up to change lives of people for the long term. We work with children, youths, and adults to eliminate learning challenges in the area of literacy with a great emphasis on reading and basic English skills. We offer supplementary education for children of Primary and Secondary  school age and with adults needing support in basic Literacy, Numeracy and Computer skills (ICT). We also work in  establishing and refurbishing schools libraries in ‘Developing Nations’.

Other than this educational focus of the charity, we also intend on meeting  the social and physical needs of all Primary school aged children by providing them with daily nutritious school meals through the theme ‘Hearts and Hands of Compassion‘School Food Matters’


In 2016, we began our ‘feeding programme’, using East La Penitence Primary School, Guyana as our pilot project. By 2018 we had included 15 other primary schools in the Georgetown area of Guyana.  We are currently supporting St Sidwell’s Primary School, Hatfield Street Lodge with our ‘feeding programme. We are proud to announce that this school will be celebrating their hundredth anniversary. Through our work and donations by sponsors and other people, we aim to extend this service to many more areas in Guyana and other countries.


Our mission is to make a significant contribution to the general well-being of all school aged children. We focus on the physical, intellectual, and social capacity to fully participate in the education process. The service we provide is efficient and cost effective without compromising the quality of care.


1. To provide every primary school child with a fresh nutritious and well balanced meal daily, served
in a courteous manner within a sanitary and pleasant dining environment.

2. To provide every child with nutritious meal during every school holiday break (Long term goal)

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